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Baby Nursery Theme Ideas

A child needs to be loved and nurtured. One way to express this love is by decorating your baby's room.

Pregnancy is a word that heralds the coming of a bundle of joy, and will transform your lives forever. Each time the child rests his head on your shoulders, or runs his little fingers through your hair, it will touch a chord in your heart. However, this comes with the responsibility of preparing your home for its newest member. This task isn't as difficult as it sounds; all you need to do is select a theme for your baby's room, and weave the other things around it. Here are some baby nursery theme ideas and tips to help you proceed. Some Themes
  • Animals: This is a lovely theme that will also help instill a love for animals in your child. Under this motif you will find kittens, puppies, bunnies, and farm animals.
  • Cartoon/TV Characters: Remember the little characters that formed an indispensable part of your childhood? You can still have them at home by selecting this theme. This theme covers a wide range of characters like Winnie the pooh, Snoopy, Bugs Bunny, Mickey mouse, Peter Pan, Aladdin, Spiderman, Hello Kitty, and Batman.
  • Celestial: You can bring the moon, the sun, and the stars into your baby's room with the celestial theme. The furniture and the other things that you would like to include can be woven around this concept.
  • Dolphins and Underwater Scenes: This will add a refreshing, cool feeling to your baby's room. Not only that, the colors will also be comforting to your eyes. Include sea-related wall hangings, seashells, and a border with waves and sea horses. With that done, your baby's room is ready.
  • Floral: This will bring freshness and color to the room. Since this theme has been taken from flowers, they are available in a wide variety. So go ahead and select one of your favorites.
  • Solids: If you want to keep the baby room simple, solid is a good idea. This way, you can work around the furniture and accessories, and use prints there.
  • Teddy Bear: Cuddly bears can form the focal point of the room. Pick out accessories in coordination with the theme.
Decorating Ideas for a Baby Nursery Comfort and safety are two factors that you need to take care of, since your baby is unable to voice her/his opinions. So here are some ideas:
  • While selecting the paint for your child's room, use non-toxic paint.
  • Ensure that the light in the room does not effect or strain the infant's eyes.
  • Choose the furniture with extreme care; make sure that most of it has rounded edges.
  • While selecting the room, ensure that it is away from a busy street, and isn't noisy.
  • When you put up the baby room curtains, keep it only till the windowsill.
  • Check that the bumpers at the side of the crib are made up of softer fabrics.
These shall ensure that your newborn is happy and safe in the room that you've decorated specially for him/her. Create a wonderful small world, and watch your child thrive in this atmosphere.

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