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Baby Carriers Compared: Boba Vs. Ergobaby

Boba and Ergobaby are two popular baby carrier brands with some excellent products in the market. In this Buzzle article, we provide a lowdown of two of the most popular carriers from Boba and Ergobaby.

A study, Increased carrying reduces infant crying: A randomized controlled trial by Hunziker UA, Barr RG (1986), published in the Pediatrics journal, found that babywearing for at least three hours a day reduced crying by 43%.
While holding a baby is natural and universal, babywearing, which involves the child being carried in a baby carrier, has become a norm in recent years. Not only does it provide the parents the ease of completing their chores without repeated interruptions, but also serves as a great bonding tool. Kids thrive through touch, and by keeping them close to your body using a baby carrier, you can ensure that the baby cries less and remains healthy. There are many types of carriers in the market from simple wrap carriers and sling carriers to complex soft-structured carriers with loads of buckles and fasteners. Two of the most popular soft-structured carriers in the market are the Boba Carrier and the Ergobaby Carrier. Both these popular carrier brands make babywearing easy, comfortable, and most importantly, safe for the baby. If you are confused about which carrier would work best for you, then here is a handy comparison evaluating the Boba and Ergobaby carriers.
Boba Carrier 3G Vs. Ergobaby Original Collection Baby Carrier
While both Boba and Ergobaby have a number of carriers in the market, the Boba 3G Carrier and the Ergobaby Original Carrier are both quite popular.
The Organic Boba Carrier 3G is made of 100% organic cotton, and is free of harmful material and dyes. The Ergobaby Original Carrier is made of durable cotton canvas that is safe and comfortable for the baby. If you want 100% organic cotton for your child, then you would need to shell out some more money to get the Ergobaby Organic Carrier that is made from 100% Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton. The body of the carrier is padded throughout, which may work well for the cold months but can get really stuffy in summer.
Carry Positions
The Boba Carrier and Ergobaby Carrier both have front and back carry options. Unlike the Ergobaby which also has a hip carry option, the Boba Carrier does not have this option, because the company believes that off-center carrying is not considered ergonomic for the wearer. However, if you are used to a sling wrap or a pouch for your baby, and like carrying the baby on the hip, this can be a key disadvantage.
Carrier Body Height and Width
There is a significant height difference between both these carriers. The Ergobaby Original Carrier has a back panel height of 13'' which makes it short for taller toddlers who need upper body support. Unlike this, the Boba Carrier has a height of 16'' and a rounded top, thus, supporting the child's entire back and head, while keeping the child closer to your body. A nice wide seat width is important to keep the baby comfortable and in place. The seat width of the Boba Carrier is around 13'', while that of the Ergo Carrier is around 14''. The difference is not much and both the carriers seem to work well, allowing the babies to sit in an ergonomic position with their legs naturally spread.
Waist Band and Straps
The Boba Carrier 3G has 19'' shoulder straps that extend an additional 19'' along with a 28'' waist belt that extends to 56'' and a five inch waist belt. One of the highlights of this carrier is the patent-pending removable foot straps that are attached to the waist belt to provide the child's legs some comfort. This keeps the legs in a flexed frog-like position that tilts up the pelvis and aligns the spine to provide maximum comfort for the toddler. The Ergobaby Carrier has a waist belt fit range of 25" to 43". You need to buy a separate waist extension accessory that allows you to extend the range to 51''. If you are a plus-sized mom, then you may have to bear the additional expense of the extender. Unlike the Boba Carrier which has dual-adjustable straps that can be tightened from either the padded end of the strap or the carrier body end of the strap, the Ergo Carrier has single direction pull-to-adjust straps that are located on the padded end, and they can be difficult to tighten or loosen. Moreover, the shoulder straps are set wide on the shoulder, making it a better fit for those with a broader frame rather than a thin, petite woman. However, the padding on the Ergobaby Carrier straps are much longer than the Boba Carrier, which provides more comfort.
Safety Features and Maintenance
The Boba Carrier does not have any special safety features, while the Ergobaby Carrier has safety loops on the shoulder straps and waist belt buckles. This allows you to secure the child in case of an accidental buckle release. Both the carriers are machine washable and easy to maintain.
Weight Limit and Use with Newborn
Both carriers can accommodate children weighing 7 to 45 lbs. For newborns, you would need to make adjustments or add inserts. Unlike the earlier versions, the Boba Carrier 3G has built-in inserts that require slight modifications for holding a newborn. There is no need of buying special inserts. The Ergobaby Original, on the other hand, requires bulky padded inserts that cost extra. Although the extra padding in the carrier does keep the baby snug against you, having all the extra load may not be very comfortable for the mother.
Storage Pockets
Apart from the open top pouch on its hood, the Ergobaby Original Carrier also has a zippered accessory pocket that is great for storing necessary stuff. Since Boba has a removable hood, it has a small zip-up pouch for storing it when the hood is removed. It also has a cell phone pouch in the waist strap and shoulder strap holders for purses and bags.
Head Support
Both the Boba and Ergobaby carriers have hood-shaped sleeping hoods with elasticized sides, to hold the baby's head while he/she is sleeping. The length of the sleeping hood can be adjusted to fit a growing baby. Unlike the Ergo Carriers, the hoods from the Boba Carriers are detachable and can be stored in the front pouch when not in use.
There are many mothers that prefer the Ergobaby Carrier for nursing. This is due to the absence of the built-in insert which makes nursing quite difficult in a Boba Carrier.
The Ergobaby Original Carriers are priced at $115 to $135, while the Organic Boba 3G Carriers are available for $160. For the Organic Ergobaby Carrier, you would need to shell out $145. The infant inserts for the Ergo Carriers are available for $38, while accessories such as teething pads cost $20.
Which is Better?
There is no one size fits all baby carrier. While many taller, slimmer moms prefer the Boba Carrier because it fits better and works well for older kids, others may like the fit of the Ergobaby. Certain carriers work well for specific body shapes, and both these carriers have their own set of pros and cons. At the end of the day, you need to try it on to check which carrier works best for you and the baby.

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