awesome foot of the bed design ideas

Awesome Foot of the Bed Design Ideas

Out with the old, and in with the new. Reinvent the old footboard, and decorate with innovative foot of the bed design ideas mentioned in this Buzzle article.

Adding a dresser at the foot of your bed is a bold statement as it does make you focus on it more. Whether you have a large or small room, a dresser can easily make for an amazing décor piece. Depending on the height of the bed, you need to figure out the exact height of the dresser. Keep it at the same height as the bed, or perhaps a few inches higher; but definitely not shorter than the bed's height.
2. Ottoman
Apart from being a footrest, an ottoman can easily be used to decorate the foot of your bed. Rather than being just a showpiece, an ottoman comes in handy as an extra seating space, a storage unit, as well as a coffee table. Surf the web and look in home décor magazines for some inspiration on the designs and sizes for the latest trend.
3. Couch
For a slightly larger bedroom, you can choose to place a couch at the end of your bed. However, do keep in mind that the size, shape, and design of the couch should be proportionate to the bed and your room. One of the best things about this is, you can read a book, take a nap, sit and have your morning coffee, or sit with a friend to chat, without having to mess up the bed linens.
4. Vintage Trunk or Suitcase
Whether it's a trunk or a suitcase, either of these items makes for an excellent decoration piece at the foot of the bed. But that's not all. You can easily use it as a storage unit for extra blankets, cushions, pillows, or even books. Plus, if you ever wish to implement any other idea (mentioned in this article), you can do so conveniently.
5. Bench
As a replacement for the footboard, add a stylish bench at the end of the bed for some extra seating space in the room. The concept works for small bedrooms as well, as it doesn't take much room, and instead, adds a fun element to the existing décor. Choose a bench that doesn't overshadow, but complement the furniture already present in the bedroom.
6. Daybed
A daybed has similar uses as a couch. This addition can give your room an elegant appeal. So, if you like the idea of a daybed in your bedroom, remember to choose a size and design that works well in the room.
7. Chairs
Adding either one or a couple of chairs at the foot of the bed not only gives you additional seating, but it also makes for a convenient décor piece. Chairs are portable, which means, you can create a seating area anywhere in the room. From rustic-style chairs to elegant armchairs, pick a style that suits your needs.
8. TV Lift Cabinet
By placing a TV lift cabinet at the foot of the bed, you are making it a focal point of the bedroom. Technically, you shouldn't be watching television in your bedroom as it disrupts with your sleep cycle. However, if you really can't do without one, a TV lift cabinet is what you should be looking for.
9. Desk
Placing a desk at the end of your bed instantly converts the area into a small work space. Apart from the additional storage space, you can use the desk for office work as well. Whether it's the foot of the bed, or any other décor project, remember to keep the proportion and scale in mind. The furniture used should be in the correct width, height, and depth for the scale of any given room.

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