sentimental birthday gifts

Sentimental Birthday Gift Ideas

Giving someone a sentimental gift is touching, since it takes a lot of thought and creativity to come up with something that the receiver will fall in love with instantly. Here are some ideas for such gifts for your loved ones, partners, or friends.

It is difficult to find the perfect gift for a person you love the most, simply because you want it to be just right. It need not always be grand and lavish - a simple sentimental gift can express your emotions and make a celebration truly unforgettable. The perfect birthday present has to be the one that reflects your love and affection and is just a mirror of your sentiments. Some Ideas Here are some suggestions that will work in your favor, and is guaranteed to be a success when you present it. Message in a Bottle This idea is inspired from Nicholas Sparks' best-selling fiction titled Message in a Bottle in which the bereaved protagonist sends love letters to his departed wife by placing the letters in empty bottles and tossing the bottle in the sea - hoping that the sea waves will carry his messages to the right destination. Now, we can't obviously rely on the ocean waves to carry our messages, but the idea of an emotional message sealed in a bottle is definitely something you can use. All you need to do is pour your heart in a simple letter. Write all the wonderful things you have to say about the birthday person. Then, simply roll the letter and tie it with a satin lace or a simple thread. Put the letter in a clean transparent bottle and seal it with a cork. The bottle itself is a beautiful envelope for the letter and hence, you don't need to wrap the bottle in a fancy paper. Gift a Pet If you know that the receiver is fond of pets, then gifting a sweet pet might be the perfect choice. Just imagine your friend's reaction when he/she looks at the adorable pup sitting in a cute basket right outside the door. Pets are wonderful companions and make for a very affectionate and thoughtful present. Be it your friend, your mom, your grandpa, or your spouse - a person who loves pets will love this present more than anything else in the world. There are wide varieties of the same that people love to adopt - kittens, puppies, fish, ponies, or even tarantulas, and rats. Find out which of these them would be perfect for the person. It would be like giving an adorable companion that one can cherish forever. Gift a Tree This is a very special and eco-friendly idea as well. We are aware of the importance of trees. It is a very interesting idea to donate a tree in someone's name as their present. All you need to do is pay for a sapling, which will be planted on your loved one's birthday. The tree will be named after the receiver - you can have a small inscription beside the tree, which mentions the name of the recipient and his/her date of birth. To make it more special, include a few lines from a beautiful poem or a warm message in the inscription beside the tree. There is an increasing number of plant conservatories or even local gardens that offer such facilities. Homemade Gifts A sentimental present need not be the most expensive or the most popular item in the gift shop. Make anything that you think the receiver will enjoy. A scrapbook with a collection of cherished photographs, a sweater embroidered with the person's initials, his/her favorite meal, or even a beautiful poem that you have written. Remember that a hand-knitted sweater, a homemade cake, or a simple handcrafted scrapbook - is far more precious than any of the things that are available at the gift stores. Moreover, homemade presents have a warm and sentimental touch to them - and no matter what you make, it is the love and efforts behind it that show. You can consider the aforementioned ideas, that might prove useful to make the right choice. Or you can also come up with your own ideas to gift something that would be cherished forever by him/her.

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