romantic breakfast in bed ideas

Romantic Breakfast in Bed Ideas

A romantic breakfast in bed will make your partner fall in love with you, all over again! In this Buzzle post we give you 12 breakfast ideas to choose from. Have a look!

Not a morning person? Plan ahead! Some of us find it hard to wake up early. So plan your menu the night before and prepare beforehand. Chop the veggies, keep the batter (for pancakes or crepes) ready, and ensure that all the ingredients are available.
Waking up to a quick peck and delicious food... can there really be a better start to the day? May be because it is Valentine's day, or because it is her/his birthday, or your wedding anniversary, or because it's the weekend, or simply because you just want to pamper your partner and make him or her feel special, serving a romantic breakfast in bed is definitely a great idea. Right from simple dishes to elaborate breakfast meals, you can surprise your partner in many ways. A handwritten note or a red rose will make everything romantic. Don't fuss too much on deciding the menu, the presentation and gestures will be more important. And after reading this Buzzle post, you'll have numerous ideas to serve breakfast in bed. The ideas range from simple and quick ones to a little complicated ones, but all of them have one common secret ingredient - love!
Simple Omelet, Greek Yogurt with Berries, and Orange Juice
Go for the most preferred breakfast option, omelet! It is definitely a simple, healthy, and sumptuous treat for your dear one. Make it more special by adding her favorite veggies and cheese. Serve with some Greek yogurt with berries, toast, and a glass of orange juice.
Heart-shaped Egg, Toast, and Coffee
Heart-shaped food, and lovey-dovey messages on the bread, can breakfast get any more romantic! You will need a cookie-cutter to make the heart-shaped egg, and use a butter knife to engrave the message in bread. Opt for a nice thick slice, and serve with a steaming cup of coffee.
Waffles with Chocolate Syrup and Berries
Waffles make an excellent treat, whether for breakfast or dessert. And, heart-shaped ones with a serious dose of chocolate syrup will make for the perfect start for the day.
Heart-shaped Pizza
Yummy, cheesy pizza! Can there be a better start to the day! I mean it's heart-shaped too! Very cheesy and cute! To save some time, you can make the pizza base the night before, or buy it from a store.
Jam Biscuits and Coffee
Okay, so you are not a cook. Making eggs is also a task for you. Well, no worries, some biscuits with a heart-shaped jam filling will do the trick. A cup of coffee, flowers, and a card MUST accompany the biscuits. If you can make the biscuits from scratch, then nothing like it. Your partner's gonna be impressed and very happy.
Chocolate Cookies and Coffee
There's nothing more tempting than fresh homemade cookies! Yes, we are telling you to make a batch of cookies for your boyfriend or girlfriend. It is quite a task, but the joy on her/his face will be totally worth it. So take some extra efforts and pamper your partner.
Crepes with Strawberry Quark
Crepes are thin pancakes, and you can serve them with some strawberry quark. It is basically a version of strawberry and cream. Mix strawberry and quark together. Add some sugar to it. Use this as a filling for your crepe roll, and dust some powdered sugar on top. Oh yes, a cup of coffee will perfectly compliment this dish.
Donuts with Strawberry Glaze
Imagine seeing a plate of pink donuts with little sprinklers the first thing in the morning. Pure joy, isn't it? It's time to give this happiness to your sweetheart. You can buy donuts, and make the glaze at home. All you need is some fresh strawberry pulp, sugar, and cornstarch. You can even make some chocolate donuts.
Heart-shaped Pancakes
Serve your heart on a plate, by making her a nice heart-shaped pancake. Show some, okay lots, of love with sliced berries, and assorted toppings.
Bagels with Jam, and Orange Juice
Hot crispy bagels with varied toppings to choose from will indeed make a neat breakfast treat. Fresh cream cheese, jelly, jam, or flavored butter are some options you can try. Don't forget the glass of orange juice.
Oats Porridge with Berries
Porridge? How can porridge be romantic? It can, if you make it so. Don't just serve plain porridge, add some berries, raisins, or any other fruits that she likes. Don't forget to add a bouquet of fresh flowers to the tray (to compensate for your lack of cooking skills :P).
Raspberry Smoothie
Another simple breakfast idea is a glass of smoothie. You can make a smoothie of any fruit/s, but raspberry has got a romantic feel! Surprise your partner with some real fruity goodness, and a romantic card. She/he is going to like it berry much!
Do let us know how your dish turned out, and how your partner reacted to all the pampering! All the best!

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