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Understanding Palm Reading with a Diagram

Palmistry, also termed as chiromancy, refers to narrating fortune based on the lines and mounts of the palm. Learn the basics of palm reading science and acquire an insight into one's personality with the help of the labeled diagram given in this Buzzle article.

Palm reading is believed to have originated in India, from where it spread to neighboring countries like China, Egypt, Persia, and then to the other European countries. Almost every country has the tradition of palm reading, although with a few variations. Also known as palmistry, chirology, or chiromancy, it characterizes an individual and tries to predict his/her future based on certain lines and general features of the palm. While some chirologists analyze the right hand, some prefer analyzing the left one. However, which of the two palms are to be considered while studying the lines and mounts is purely subjective.
Understanding the Palm Lines
The Main Lines
In the art of palm reading, there are certain lines that are considered to be the major lines and are said to play an important role when it comes to one's fortune.
Line of Life
This line begins from the space between the thumb and the index finger and runs down towards the wrist. It is the lowest main line as is clear from the palm reading diagram. A discontinuous life line indicates changes in life. If there is a break in this line in one hand, it means that a person may suffer from an illness from which he will recover soon. However, if there is a break in this line in both hands, it indicates a serious illness. Small lines running up to the life line represent good health and wealth, whereas, small branches running down indicate just the opposite. An ideal life line should be semicircular, thin deep, and without too many branches.
Line of Head
This line also starts from the edge of the palm between the thumb and index finger, but instead of curving towards the wrist, it runs straight to the other side of the palm. A horizontal line of head stands for a logical mind with aptitude for mathematics and computers. On the contrary, an artistic inclination with romantic disposition is reflected by a sloping line of head. A short line indicates limited interests. Such a person tends to specialize in some particular field. A broken line represents diverse interests and varying jobs.
Line of Heart
It is the uppermost main line and it runs from the edge of the palm, a little below the little finger towards the index finger. A long and curved line stands for a warmhearted person, a straight line indicates a self-centered character, whereas a short and faint line refers to a person who lacks the feeling of love. However, that does not mean that a person with a long and deep line is an ideal romantic person. On the contrary, people with such a line are believed to be jealous and possessive.
Line of Fate
This line runs from the center of the bottom end of the palm towards the ring finger or the middle finger. Absence of this line represents a life free of struggles. The ideal line should be straight and unbroken as that stands for a successful life. If the line ends at the head line, it means the person will have strong relationships. The line ending at the heart line indicates that sacrifices need to be made for love. Chain-like formations on the fate line indicate unhappy times.
The Minor Lines
Health Line
Palmists believe that it is best not to have any health line at all, as a strong line denotes wear and tear of the nervous system and a strong line with breaks indicates health and stress-related problems. This line is most subject to change. Instead, the lifeline is considered to be a better indicator of a person's health and illness.
Marriage Line
It is situated on the mount of Mercury (at the base of the little finger). The closer it lies to the heart line, earlier will the marriage take place. There may be more than one marriage line. However, the deeper and longer line(s) indicates marriage(s). Additional lines stand for deep affection or affairs.
Travel Lines
They stand for important trips taken and their impact on life. The stronger the line, more important is the trip. Breaks in travel line indicate delay, whereas a square on it shows protection during the trip. If the travel line intersects with the life line, it means that the trip would be made due to health reasons or that health will be affected due to travel.
Girdle of Venus
This line relates to emotional intelligence. People with this line are both creative and of a nervous and delicate temperament. People with this line show great enthusiasm in doing things of their interest, but fluctuate between a high and low spirit.
The Fingers
Jupiter or Index Finger
A long index finger indicates ambition and leadership qualities. It reflects magnetism in the individual and ability to practice command over others. However, the drawback is that a person will be short-tempered and react quickly when his authority is challenged.
Saturn or Middle Finger
The middle finger stands for balance and maturity in life. It reflects how good one is in dealing with responsibilities. The middle finger is the longest finger. If this finger is only 1/4 of an inch longer than the ring finger, it means that the person is wise. If the difference is larger than 1/4 of an inch, it indicates a life of struggle.
Apollo or Ring Finger
Ring finger or the finger of Apollo reflects love for aesthetics, creativity, a romantic, and emotional disposition. If the ring finger reaches the bottom of the nail of the middle finger, then it reflects a balanced character. Shorter length reflects a person's inability to express his emotions, whereas if the ring finger crosses the base of the nail of the middle finger, then it means that the person expresses his emotions very easily and lacks caution in this regard.
Mercury or Little Finger
This finger stands for communication abilities and business acumen. The ideal length of this finger is such that it should reach the base of the first phalange of the finger of Apollo. A shorter finger of Mercury indicates poor business skills and difficulty in communication. Conversely, if the little finger is longer than the ideal length, the person is believed to be good in business and communication.
A large space between the thumb and the index finger reflects a trustworthy personality. A well-developed first phalange of the thumb indicates determination to achieve one's goals. However, if it is overdeveloped or extra long as compared to the lower section, it reflects a stubborn and inflexible disposition. The lower phalange gives an idea of one's capability for logical reasoning. A short second phalange indicates lack of logic, whereas a second phalange which is longer than the first one means that there is a lack of proper willpower to carry out one's tasks.
The Mounts
Below are mentioned a few important mounts that are found at the base of the finger with the corresponding planet name:
  • Mount of Venus: It is situated below the thumb. Well-developed mount of Venus endows love, physical beauty, and aesthetic sense.
  • Mount of Jupiter: This mount lies below the index finger. It represents fortune, ambition, enthusiasm, leadership qualities, and inclination towards education and religion.
  • Mount of Saturn: It lies below the middle finger. This mount stands for hard work, resolution, wisdom, patience, and practicality.
  • Mount of Apollo: This lies at the base of the ring finger. It bestows energy, vitality, creativity, success, and compassion.
  • Mount of Mercury: It lies at the base of the little finger and indicates communication and business skills, wit, shrewdness, and versatility.
The domain of palm reading is vast and quite interesting. This is the reason many people want to learn how to read palms. However, it should be remembered that the art of palm reading doesn't have a sound scientific base. Although the palm reading diagram provided in this article may help one understand the basics of palm reading, one should realize the fact that the shape and texture of the hand are not the only factors that decides our lives and fate.

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