lawn furniture

Types of Lawn Furniture

Read on to know about the various types of lawn furniture...

Lawn furniture is, as the name suggests, the furniture that you keep outside your home. This can include pool furniture and patio furniture. There are several varieties available in the market today. You can choose from a wide variety of options depending upon your budget, your home décor, and on the weather conditions prevailing in your area. Let us look at the various types available in the market. Plastic Lawn Furniture This is useful for when you have a patio that is completely outdoors. Often, this is made out of recycled plastic and is resistant to all kinds of weathers. Plastic can stand hot sunshine, snow and even rain. This kind of furniture is also quite affordable. You can get them in a variety of colors and styles to suit your home décor. You need not spend much time and money caring for plastic furniture as well. Metal Lawn Furniture This one is quite durable. This is comparatively expensive to buy. The metal furniture may also have cushions on the chairs, making it more comfortable. If you are buying the set, then it may even come with a small umbrella. This can be useful if your patio is out in the open. But caring for the metal furniture items can be quite time-consuming, as you may have to protect it from water, as metal tends to rust. Wrought Iron Lawn Furniture This one is quite expensive to buy and maintain. The paint on the furniture must be constantly maintained so as to protect the furniture from the weather. But this furniture is extremely sturdy and durable. It can be perfect for you, if your patio is fully covered. Plus, wrought iron furniture can add oodles of style to your home décor. Cane or Wicker Lawn Furniture Cane or wicker furniture for your lawn is perfect if you have an indoor patio and if you are on a tight budget. This furniture often comes with cushions, and is quite comfortable to keep around the house. Cane or wicker furniture has its own charm and can also give your patio a very cool and comfy feel to it. Also, it doesn't need much care. Thus, with all the options available to you, you can search for what suits your tastes, needs, budget and décor. Be sure to shop around so that you get a good deal.

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