internal auditor resume sample

Internal Auditor Resume Sample

In the following article, a brief explanation about internal auditor resume and a corresponding resume sample or example has been given. Some important common pointers and leads as to how write an effective internal auditor resume has been given. To know more, read on.

The position of an internal auditor in a company is the one that shoulders a significant amount of responsibility. An internal auditor does not conduct audit for the general public. However, the Chief Audit Executive, the Audit Committee and also the Board of Directions rely on the audit and recommendations of the internal auditor. During a regular audit, the audit notes and audited books of accounts are used by the Audit Committee for cross conformation and as a secondary reference. Hence on the whole, the position of internal auditors is not just important, but a lot of people and their decisions depend on the work done by him. Tips for an Effective Resume Well first off, writing a resume for such a position is going to be tough job owing to the fact that your resume is going to be the first impression on the manager from human resource department. When it comes to the recruitment of such personnel, companies are always on the look out for a completely flawless and efficient resume. Hence even a small mistake, distortion or any kind of non-clarity in it can result into discarding of your resume, so basically, no mistakes, to the point, precise and effective is the mantra to write such a resume. Here are some additional tips:
  • Stick to the Format: It is essential that you stick to the format of the resume no matter what. A disciplined, uniform and fluently written resume indicates that you are convention and rule abiding self-disciplined person who is fond of common protocol
  • Presentation: Presenting the entire resume in a crispy manner also helps a lot. Accounting is all about presentation of figures and data in different manners and also involves presentation of the conclusions that you have drawn from the data, in the best possible manner. Hence the better your resume, the better is your impression on your potential employers
  • Language Flow: Being an auditor, such as an internal auditor, you need to have great communication skills. Hence your potential employer is bound to check the language flow and general grammar of the resume
  • Crispy: Now this is a great trick to impress the employer. A crispy resume which flows swiftly, and explains a lot of things in the least possible words, as comprehensively as possible, makes a great impression
  • To the Point: In this given resume, make it a point to write only what matters. Now things such as social work or humanitarian work can be included, however avoid hobbies or irrelevant achievements. Mentioning some prestigious achievement such as an international medal in sports or a prestigious award in music or art will be great
On the whole, make it a point to write a resume of which you shall be significantly proud of. Also you can go through several drafts before finalizing the one which you want to actually send over. Internal Auditor Resume Sample
Dr. Larry J. Marshall
Address, Email and Contact details
Synopsis: Possess about 15 years of experience in accounting, general and internal auditing and have worked with 3 different firms and companies for internal auditing. Objectives:
  • Improve internal auditing standards and introduce newer standards, with an aim of making internal auditing more pronounced, simple and useful
  • Work for an organization that aims at better public accountability and shares profits properly with shareholders, increasing their involvement in the company's working
Educational Qualifications:
  • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Statistical Analysis from XYZ College
  • Master of Business Economics from ABC University
  • PhD in Advanced and International Accounting Standards from ABC University
  • Member of Institute of Internal Auditors and holder of Certified Financial Services Auditor (CFSA) and Certification in Control Self-Assessment (CCSA)
Work Experience:
  • Two Years Internship in XYZ and Company Inc as an assistant to Internal Auditor
  1. Since the company was an audit firm, the primary responsibility was auditing the compliance of all internal rules, standards and policies
  2. Checking, auditing and correcting all statements that were to be presented to the management on a daily basis
  3. Audition of all compliance of individual employee related financial statements to be presented before the management
  • Eight Year Assistant Internal Auditor and Audit Committee Member at Rathborne Finance Corporation
  1. Primary responsibilities were that of internal audits, with compliance of internal policies and external standards being the focal point
  2. Audit of all Offshore development centers, foreign offices and presentation of all data from abroad before the management
  3. Advising the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) office in all costing related decisions, exercising veto in appropriate situations and providing consent
  4. Auditing all Offshore accounts of the company, inbound and outbound foreign transactions and assisting the board on all financial decisions
  • Five years as Internal Auditor at Coogan Bank
  1. Being that the bank is a full-time financial institution, auditing all accounts and presentation of the same financial statements for the management
  2. Auditing of all credit investment accounts and ensuring their government compliance on a daily basis
  3. Heading all internal auditors and representing them on audit committee
Please note that all the names of the companies and the person are completely fictitious. I hope that the elaboration on the resume of an internal auditor, given above, was resourceful.

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