how to make a tutu

How to Make a Tutu

The no-sew method is an easy and simple way to create a tutu. With this method you can create a poofy, cute tutu or a long, elegant tutu. Here is a guide, that will help you in creating a beautiful tutu.

Did you know that 'tutu' in French is baby talk word for the 'bottom'?!
Tutu skirts or dresses can be seen worn by ballerinas today. However, this was not the case in the beginning. The first ballet dancers didn't wear satin shoes or tutu skirts. But, today tutus are popular as ballet costume and there are various types of tutus. Two of the most popular type of tutus are the Romantic Tutu and the Classical Tutu. The Romantic Tutu is of three-quarter length, and the hemline lies between the ankle and the knee. It is a free-flowing tutu. The Classical Tutu is a very short skirt, which is stiff in appearance and can be either bell or pancake in shape. When creating a tutu, it is important that you visualize and decide what length of tutu you want. This will help plan your tutu better. So, let's get started. Here is a list of the things you will require to create the tutu. Before you go to a store to buy these things, make a basic color sketch of the tutu skirt you wish to create. This will give you a clear picture on how your tutu will look and of the length it should be.
Things You Need
• Buy an elastic band that is closed at the ends. Make sure you measure the waist, and select the length of the elastic band accordingly. • Now, depending on how many colors you want in your tutu skirt, buy the tulles. Buy tulles in 2 - 3 different colors. Use beautiful color combinations like white and pink, purple with silver, or gold and emerald green. • The length of the tutu skirt can be short or long. Ensure you decide the length of the skirt you want, and cut the pieces of tulles accordingly. • The length of the tulles have to be double the length of the skirt because you will be folding the tulle in two halves. For example, if you want to make a tutu for a baby who is 3-year-old, and the length of the skirt is to be around 14 inches, then the tulle's length has to be 28 inches. • Some more accessories like sequins and decorative adornments in shapes of butterfly, flower, star, fairy, ribbons, and bows can be used to beautify the skirt.
Creating a Tutu Skirt - The No-sew Method
⇒ Take the elastic band, and fix it on the head of a chair. This will make your job easier, and keep both your hands free. ⇒ Now take a strip of pre-measured and cut tulle. Place it behind the elastic band and hold it in the shape of 'U' and make sure the ends of 'U' are in level. Keep a bit of U below the band and the rest above it. ⇒ Tie the tulle around the elastic band in a slipknot form. Just slip in the top ends of the tulle inside the 'U'. Use the below diagram for reference.
⇒ Make sure the knots are loose so you can re-adjust the knots later on if the need arises. ⇒ Now gather more tulles, and keep forming the knots around the waistband. You can add as many knots as you like. Adding more tulles will make your tutu fluffy and more attractive. ⇒ If you wish to add some bling to the skirt, there are stick-on adornments in different shapes available, which you can use. These just need to be pressed on the dress and then ironed on or you can fix them by sewing.
More Tutu Ideas
☆ If you wish to make a tutu, which stands out in a flat manner, use extra stiff tulles, and make sure you keep the length of the tutu short. ☆ You can add sparkle to the hem of the tutu, with some glitter glue. ☆ Instead of using an elastic waistband, you can use a ribbon, and make the tulle look even more elegant. Simply keep knotting the tulles around the ribbon and tie the ribbon in a bow at the end and you will have a tutu skirt. ☆ You can also attach the tutu skirt to a leotard by stitching them together. ☆ To hide the area where the elastic band is stitched together, you can glue a bow. ☆ The above method can be used to create a tutu dress for kids as well. Use a crotchet headband and start knotting the tulles at the end. Once finished with this, add shoulder straps at the top of the headband. Stitch some cute flowers on the headband to make the dress more attractive. ☆ A tutu skirt or dress can be itchy, so you need to wear a leotard under it. If this is not possible then you will need to use a soft lining under the tulles.
There is nothing more satisfying, than creating something beautiful yourself. So, buy some colorful tulles, and elastic band, and few embellishments and create pretty and unique tutus!

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