how to keep rabbits out of garden

How to Keep Rabbits Out of Garden

Are you frustrated with bunnies feasting on your flower beds and vegetable garden? Here are some tips to get rid of these furry pests.

No doubt, rabbits are cute little furry animals, but they can be a nuisance for those with gardens. Rabbits can ruin gardens with plants, like peas, beans, beets, lettuce, mustard, spinach, and chard. While they dislike tomatoes; rabbits do not spare potatoes, cucumbers, squash and corn, and even young plants with tender leaves. In fact, rabbits are considered one of the major pests, as far as vegetable gardens are concerned. However, you can control them effectively with some easy and simple methods. Tips to Deter Rabbits from the Garden Even though, rabbits are very cute and adorable animals; they may not be that gentle, once they gain entry into your vegetable garden. These animals can damage your crops as well as the garden. You can save your garden from damage, without harming these animals. Here are some tips.
  • Fencing is considered the best way to keep rabbits out of the garden. You can use chicken wire for making such a fence. The fence should be at least two feet high, and must have strong stakes at a distance of every six to eight feet. It should be buried five to six inches into the ground, so as to prevent rabbits from digging holes into the garden.
  • You may also opt for some natural ways to get rid of rabbits from your garden. Spread some human hair clippings in and around the garden, to repel rabbits. You may also use coyote urine for this purpose.
  • Diluted chili pepper sauce is an effective homemade rabbit repellent, that can be sprayed around the garden. You may also purchase blood meal from a garden center, and spread it around the garden.
  • Some people use cat litter for repelling rabbits. However, it is said that, cat litter contains bacteria, and it should not be used near edible plants. Sprinkling vinegar or hot pepper flakes may also work wonders.
  • Planting clover or plantain weeds around the garden, is said to be an effective way for warding off rabbits. These plants are among their favorite foods, and you can divert their attention to these plants, rather than those in the garden.
  • Plant onion in two or more rows, around your garden. This is one of the best methods to keep rabbits out of the garden, as these animals are averse to onion.
  • Even strong-smelling soaps placed on different parts of the garden, can be effective in saving your garden from these animals.
  • While motion detector sprinklers are good for scaring away rabbits from the garden, even pet dogs can do this job efficiently.
You may also go for traps, but make sure to check the local laws regarding trapping and release of rabbits. While fencing is the safest method, you may also use repellents for this purpose. Trapping should be the last option.

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