how to hang a tapestry

How to Hang a Tapestry

If you want to add it in your living room, as a decorative item, you may hang a tapestry on the walls. Find out in a few easy steps from the article mentioned below.

Tapestries have been a part of interior decoration since ancient times. As it is known to be a popular form of textile art for centuries, owning a tapestry is definitely something to be proud of. A tapestry is the result of a unique way of weaving threads. These threads are interlaced in two ways on a vertical loom, the first called warp (parallel to length) and the second called weft (parallel to width). The weft threads are woven on the warp threads by keeping the latter pulled under tension and the former pressed forward and backwards on it. Since this process is a complicated one, making one tapestry could take almost a month for completion. Right from coming up with the design on the tapestry, to gathering the colored threads and positioning them, to getting the end result. All this is a very hard and time-consuming process, which is why tapestries are usually quite expensive. However, after you have bought one, you will have to display it, as these are usually hung in the vertical manner. Tapestry on the Wall Tapestries are a beautiful creation of woven threads, which are selected from a variety such as cotton, silk, gold, wool and silver. The unique design and the delicate pattern, made on the loom could make the tapestry worth millions. It also looks very elegant when it is hung in a traditional living room with a high ceiling and wooden floors. Tapestries are known for their royal touch to the interiors and thus look extravagant when they are hung from a wall. You wouldn't need to add any other decorative item when a tapestry is hung in the room. Ironing the Tapestry You need to iron the tapestry before you hang it up on the wall, to give it a crease-less and straight look. Every tapestry has a front and a back, where the front includes the main design and the thread-work, and the back is usually plain. Thus, always iron the back side of the tapestry to avoid any damage to the artwork. You could use a simple steam iron for this purpose, as it will remove all the creases from the back, making the front look neat and even. If there are creases on the front, you could use a thin cloth to cover the artwork and then run the iron over the cloth. Make Hanging Arrangements To learn how to hang a tapestry, it is necessary to attach the piece to the wall or ceiling, with the help of rods, baseboards, or by using an adhesive. The first to be considered is a rod and finials, as most of the tapestries have rod pockets sown in them. You can install a rod in the room and then weave the tapestry easily to hang it on the wall. This could work as a great idea, if you want to use the tapestry as a room divider as well as a decorative item. Baseboards are another excellent choice for displaying a tapestry, as they are nothing but wooden or plastic boards, on which the tapestry can be attached with screws. For this, you can use the same dimensions for both the board and tapestry, and drill holes in the board at every corner. Then place the screws in the rod pockets of the tapestry and drill them in the holes of the baseboard. Making an anchor in the wall for attachment, hang this tapestry on the wall. If you want an easier option, you could also use some type of adhesive for attaching this artwork to the wall, e.g., Velcro. After Hanging the Tapestry Once the tapestry is hung on the wall, you have to maintain it and keep it away from dust and mold. Caring for the tapestry is very important as it is an expensive and delicate piece of artwork. Cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner is the best way of keeping it away from dust particles. You could also cover it with a plastic sheet or frame of glass to protect it permanently from external factors. Bring the tapestry down every once a month and iron it as mentioned earlier. This will only give the tapestry a new look each time you put up on the wall. Don't use any water or soap solution on the tapestry if not advised. With these easy steps to hang a tapestry and care for it, you can surely use them for your benefits. Tapestries are a beautiful collection to your home interiors and when they are hung they can grab the attention of any passerby.

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