how to choose an investment firm

How to Choose an Investment Firm

Choosing an investment firm is one of the most important financial decisions. You want your life savings to be in safe hands and that's why it's necessary that you know how to choose the right investment firm. That's exactly what we shall talk about in this Buzzle article.

We live in an age where we face a problem of abundance, with hundreds of choices to choose from. When it comes to making investment decisions, a beginner investor can only be overwhelmed with the number of opportunities offered. Studying the various investment options and determining the ones which are most appropriate for you takes a lot of study and research. The investment arena is a highly sophisticated field today and it's better to let a finance professional guide you through this terrain and let you make informed decisions. That's where investment firms come in. With experienced financial professionals at the helm, top rated investment firms can provide you with a total investment management solution. About Investment Firms An investment firm provides the service of investing money on behalf of individuals and businesses. Most investment firms provide you with a package deal and handle investments in all types of securities ranging from bonds, stocks, mutual funds to sophisticated investment options like derivatives. Backed by a strong team of financial analysts who focus on research and analysis of market conditions and investment options, the representatives of these firms can consult you regarding what would be the best options for investment, by studying your financial goals. In return of their services, these firms charge their customers with a fixed fee plus commission, which are a fractional percentage of the profit they make for them. Choosing an Investment Firm Before you even begin thinking about choosing an investment company, evaluate your current financial status. Ask yourself, what your short term and long term financial goals are and how much money you are willing to set aside for investment in securities. When you are clear about all this, choosing a firm will be simpler. All you have to look for is the firm that may best suit your needs. Research online, read reviews of investment firms and shortlist the ones which have a proven track record. Once you make the list, extensively evaluate the past performance of the firm, know about the fees charged by them and the overall costs. Individual investors with a relatively small investment kitty should lookout for companies that specifically cater to small investors, instead of going for big companies that mostly handle high net worth individuals. Look for firms which have provided consistently high returns in the past years. Know about the services provided by the investment firm and compare them against each other. Personally meet with the firm's representatives and ask questions. Ask about the process that the company follows to determine good investment options, inquire about the fees and costs involved and determine whether their business model adequately suits your requirements. Best Investment Firms There are hundreds of investment firms to choose from. Through a thorough analysis of past track record, their process and services, you can opt for one firm which you think offers the best overall package. Here is a list of some of the top rated investment firms that you should check out.
  • J.P. Morgan Chase
  • Goldman Sachs & Co
  • Credit Suisse
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Barclays Capital
  • Citigroup
  • UBS
  • Lazard
  • Wells Fargo
  • Edward Jones
  • Scottrade
  • Charles Schwab
The key criteria that you should use, to screen the top investment firms is past performance. As discussed earlier, spend some time in checking out the firm's overall performance in the past five to ten years to decide if it would do justice to your investment portfolio. If you are satisfied with the service features, the process followed by the company and have faith in the key people at the helm, then you can go ahead and handover your investments to the firm. Read as many investment firm reviews as you can and consult with experienced investors before making your decision. I wish you all the very best!

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