high school science fair projects

High School Science Fair Projects

High school science can be educational and fun, if you have the right high school science fair projects, to make them so. Read this article for some interesting ideas on the same.

Your annual science fair is looming large, and you have no idea whatsoever, about any high school science fair projects. You're fretting about it, and are looking for something relatively easy and fun too. You have the time, but you're just not able to think of any science fair project topics, that will make you exclaim in delight - That's the one!! Well, you can stop worrying right now. This article has some ideas that you can try out. They're divided into biology, physics and chemistry, so you can take your pick of the subject, and then decide the topic. Biology Projects Here's a list of science fair projects for high school, in biology.
  • A model or chart explaining symbiotic relationships examples.
  • An animal cell model.
  • A model explaining the centriole function.
  • Draw a labelled plant cell diagram and functions. Explain it appropriately to everyone who visits your spot.
  • Explain the gametophyte and sporophyte phases in plants.
  • Have a diagram of the different parts that form a nucleotide structure.
  • Collect samples of microorganisms from pond water and place them under a microscope.
  • Conduct an experiment to check if plants grow better in soil or by hydroponic gardening.
  • Night insects get attracted to lights, because of the light or the heat?
  • The types of mold that grow on bread.
  • The effect that an increase in oxygen and carbon dioxide have on the germination of seeds.
Physics Projects Here are some high school science fair projects in physics that you can use.
  • Show an experiment to demonstrate the effect of static friction vs kinetic friction.
  • Conduct an experiment to show how magnetic filed shielding works.
  • Display a spectrometer and explain how it works.
  • Have a physics formulae list and explain all of them to whoever asks.
  • Conduct an experiment to know and measure the potential difference between two points.
  • How does a transformer work? Demonstrate this with a small experiment.
  • Explain the relationship between magnetism and electricity with an experiment.
  • Make your own solar panels and demonstrate how you did it.
  • Demonstrate on a small scale how a hydroelectric power station works.
  • Explain how to use a compass using a simple method.
  • Explain and demonstrate on a small scale, how to build a wind generator.
Chemistry Projects For all those looking for some chemistry projects, here are a few topics that you can choose from. Those were some simple ideas for high school science fair projects. You'll agree that they are not very complicated and if you have enough time to prepare, you'll definitely come up with a good topic for yourself. However, if you want something more challenging and complicated, foray into the world of forensic science or astronomy. You can also try your hand at experiments in environmental science and other topics. Good luck!

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