herbal remedies for cold

Herbal Remedies for Cold

Are you sick and tired of your persistent cold and cannot tolerate the side effects of medications? There are certain herbs which will help alleviate your nasal congestion, and give you a lot of relief.

A common cold can attack at any time, in any weather and with almost any intensity. While sometimes the cold lasts for only a few hours, some colds last for an excruciatingly long time, during which period all you can think of is to chop your runny nose off! Well, at least that's how I feel anyway. Fortunately there are many herbal remedies for cold which can be easily made at home. These remedies are honestly a huge lifesaver and go a long way in increasing the body's resistance against other infections and fever. Here are my favorites being enlisted below. Ginger Lemon Tea Nothing fights common cold and a runny nose like a strong cup of ginger lemon tea. Lemon is jam-packed with vitamin C which is what the body needs when its defenses at a low. Vitamin C helps fight against the infection and so does the citric acid present in it. There are several other vitamins and electrolytes which all add up and work together to increase immunity. Ginger is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties which helps to relieve the sinus and extract mucus. It also helps control the usual headaches and irritation attached with common colds. All you need to do in order to make some nice ginger lemon tea is to cut a few thin slices of ginger root and let it boil in water. Once the water has absorbed most of the ginger extract, use a sieve to remove the slices of ginger. Now pour the juice of half a lemon, but make sure to use a big lemon. You will need as much as you can drink. Instead of using sugar, try adding honey. Drink this tea every 4-5 hours; you will begin to feel better the instant you take your first sip. Garlic Juice Not everyone's favorite, but simply one of the best remedies for cold. The entire idea is to eat the garlic raw or to consume its essential medicines while it's raw. The reason behind consuming garlic without cooking is that most of its nutrients are lost when it's boiled in water. Boiling leaves very few nutrients behind, which does not serve our purpose now, does it? Garlic is, well, not exactly the easiest thing to eat, but it is one of the oldest herbal cold remedies. Therefore, in order to make it palatable, its best to squeeze the juice from the garlic by making a semi solid paste. Take this paste and squeeze as much juice as you can and then mix this juice with some other juice. Use fresh lemon juice if possible, as the combination of the two will be quite effective and potent. If you can muster the courage, simply chew a few cloves of garlic with some rock salt and swallow with a full glass of warm water. Repeat this 3 times a day for the next 2-3 days. Your cold will be soon gone. Chicken Soup A bad cold makes you lose your appetite. I mean we all think, what's the point of eating, when you can't taste a thing? Ironically, doctors advise that it's a must to keep drinking healthy liquids throughout the cold, because the body tends to get dehydrated a lot while suffering from a cold. Chicken has a very rare amino acid known as cysteine which is released while cooking the chicken. This amino acid is believed to help in the production of white blood cells and in the relieving of phlegm stuck in the lungs. It also helps reduce the inflammation caused in the sinus, the throat and the lungs, during colds. Make sure you clean the chicken properly so that you do not wash away the water after boiling the chicken. This water contains most of the amino acid, which is why you must add all the necessary condiments to this broth itself. Use less spices and add more of herbs such as garlic, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper and fresh pepper mint leaves at the end. Chicken soup is one of the best home remedies for head cold. Drink this soup twice a day and add some boiled rice or noodles to it so as to make a good nutritious meal out of it. Beetroot Soup Beetroot is an excellent herbal remedy for cold and flu as it fights against fever and congestion. However, it must be cooked and it must be consumed while it's hot. This vegetable too is rich in cysteine and has several electrolytes and vitamins. This is an age-old remedy which not many people know about today. Those who drink beetroot tea vouch for its effectiveness. Dice the beetroot add it to the water, now add black pepper, onions, garlic and ginger to the tea and let all of these come to a boil. Now add salt as per your taste and drink while the soup is still a bit hot. It will soothe your throat and the medicinal properties of beetroot, and all the other ingredients, especially the onion, will gradually begin to work upon the infection. Have this soup only once in a day, preferably during the night, half an hour before going to sleep. It is very important to stay away from dairy products, the only exception being turmeric power boiled in milk, which will help reduce the inflammation, kill the viral infection, and help you enjoy a sound sleep. Do not forget to gargle with rock salt mixed with lukewarm water at least 3-4 times a day. Salt is disinfectant so it will help clear out the throat and reduce the phlegm.

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