hebrew names and their meanings

Hebrew Names and Their Meanings

Though Hebrew names and their meanings have Jewish origins, they are also used by Christians, and even Muslims in certain instances. This Buzzle article attempts to help you choose a good Hebrew name for your baby girl/boy.

Did You Know?
Most Jewish names that originate from the Hebrew language are those which are mentioned in the ancient scriptures of Judaism. These include the Tanakh, Nevi'im: The Prophets, and Ketuvim: The Writings.
Hebrew names are those names which originate from the Hebrew language. Most of these names have been mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, and are arguably the oldest names in existence. Some of these names have also been mentioned in the Qur'an―the Islamic holy book. Generally, people who belong to the Christian and Jewish parts of the world have these names; however, you might also come across some Muslims with Hebrew names, especially if those names are mentioned in their holy scriptures. These days, however, naming newborns with ancient Hebrew names has become fairly popular. This Buzzle article brings you a list of some of the most popular Hebrew names in alphabetical order, along with their meanings. We hope you find nice names for your baby girls and baby boys from the list.
Popular Hebrew Names
Name Sex Meaning
Aaron Mountain of strength
Abarrane Mother of plenty
Abia God's child
Achim Made by God
Adah Born from beautiful scenery
Anat Answer
Ari Lion
Asher Lucky
Axel Peace
Azubah Desolate
Barak Firebolt
Belen Bethlehem
Brahm Father of many
Brielle Brave woman
Caleb Faithful
Carmen Garden of God
Cephas Rock
Chaya Full of life
Coby Follower
Cohen Priest
Dara Mercy
David Adored
Deborah Born from the bee swarm
Dejuan Merciful
Dinah The avenged one
Drorit Liberty
Duriel One who dwells in heaven
Ebenezer The helping stone
Ebrahim Father of many nations
Eden Delightful place
Efa Life
Ehud Allied
Elah Oak tree
Eleazar Helper of God
Eliora Guiding light
Elisheva God's promise
Elkin Created by God
Elon Oak tree
Emanuele One who is accompanied by God
Enos Mankind
Ephraim Fruit-bearing
Erez Cedar tree
Etha Resilient
Ethan Long-lasting
Ezekiel Strong
Fifi One who is raised by God
Gabby Brave woman
Gail Father's delight
Galel Wave of God
Galia Born out of waves
Gayle Cheerful
Gefen Vine
Gil Bright, young man
Gilah Joyful
Gilon One who has no end
Giovanni God is merciful
Giuseppe Raised by God
Hadassah Born from the myrtle tree
Hanson Son of John
Haskell Cauldron of God
Hava Living
Hena Gracious
Honi Amiable
Huldah As quick as a weasel
Hymen Life
Ike Bringer of joy
Ira Alert
Jabez Brave
Jacob Follower
Jael As wild as the mountain goat
Jaheem Dignified
Jairo Teacher
Jamie One who supplants
Jareth Descendent
Jari Soldier
Jean Mercy of God
Jed Friend of God
Jemima Warm like a dove
Jeremy Helped by God
Jerusha Rich woman
Jessalyn One who can foresee the future
Jesus God's deliverance
Jezreel Sown by God
Jose Raised by God
Kagan Priest
Karmen Garden of God
Keisha Cassia tree
Kelil Crown
Keturah Fragrant woman
Koresh Farmer
Lael God
Lashawn Mercy of God
Lavon White
Leah Delicate
Lev Lion
Levin Connected with God
Libby God's promise
Mahlah Feeble
Mair Rebellious
Malach Angel
Mannis Great
Maria Rebellious
Mathis Gift of God
Meyer Shining
Migdalia Born in the tower
Moran Guide
Naamah Lovely
Nadir Beloved
Nasya Miracle of God
Nava Gorgeous
Nuri Glaring like a flame
Omar Prosperous
Ona Gracious
Ori Light
Pepe Raised by God
Rae Sheep's friend
Raphael Healed by God
Rebecca One who brings together
Reuel Friend of God
Reva One who ties a knot
Rishon First
Ronel Joy of God
Samara Watched over by God
Samson Sun
Sarah Princess
Serafino Burning
Shamir Stone
Shani Carmine-colored
Sharon Born in the forest
Shiloh Calm
Shiphrah Pretty
Shoshana Lily
Shulamit Peaceful
Solomon Peace-loving
Tal Dew
Talmai Mountain
Tamara Palm tree
Tavas Peacock
Tavi Good
Tivon Lover of nature
Tzvi Deer
Uriah Light of God
Uziah Strength
Vanna Mercy of God
Wyshawn Mercy of God
Yakira Beloved
Yaron Joyful
Yatniel Gift of God
Yonas Dove
Yoran One who loves singing
Zahara Radiant
Zakai Pure
Ziv Shining
= Male
= Female
= Unisex
It should be noted that there are numerous Hebrew names, which do not actually have a Hebrew origin. On the contrary, many of these names have been borrowed from other ancient and medieval languages, which include Aramaic, Phoenician, Egyptian, Latin, Greek, and so on. We hope that you find the above list useful. If you come across an interesting Hebrew name that is not included in the list, do make it a point to share it with us.

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