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Preventive Measures for Head Pain

A headache is one of the most common ailments in today's times, thanks to the stress-filled modern lifestyle. Although most conditions are harmless and can be treated easily, few of them can be dangerous and even fatal. Let us see their types, effects, causes, and preventive measures.

Head pains occur due to stress, incomplete sleep, or other factors that lead to muscle contraction. The condition is usually harmless and does not require any specific treatment. Medications such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, aspirin, etc., can work well for normal pains. However, of the 150 categories known, some are harmful and ignoring them can prove to be dangerous. Medical consultation is a necessity for a headache that is severe in nature. Effects A headache tends to envelop the entire head causing immense agony. A feeling of tightness or a vigorous ache follows the initial pain. It feels like a steel band is wrapped around the head tightly. Stress from work and arguments are not the only factors that can be associated with a headache. Types Common types include tension, sinus, and migraines. Symptoms and causes of the different types of pain can of course differ. ☛ Teenagers and adults are prone to developing migraines. It causes severe headache on both the sides of the head. People suffering from migraine feel that the pain is traveling from one portion of the skull to the other. Simultaneously, they tend to get irritated with sound or light and have an upset tummy along with mood swings. ☛ Tension is different from migraine. In tension, the pain is not limited to the head but stays in the shoulders, neck, and other points of stress as well. Common medications prove to be helpful in providing relief. However, acute aches should be taken seriously. Females are most prone to a migraine. ☛ A headache caused due to sinus is due to the changes in the weather condition. It is a pain that is continuous in nature. However, it should not be mistaken as migraine. Pressure generated by fever, draining nose, coughing, and eyestrain cause this pain. Proper treatment reduces the ache and if it reoccurs, then it needs proper attention from a doctor. Several injuries, pollution, smoke, hormonal changes, etc., can cause the pain. Preventive Measures Aches should be taken care off before they become harmful for the nervous system. Mentioned below are some measures: ☛ Medication should immediately be taken if your head is aching. Painkillers are not the ultimate solution, as they do not bring about the relaxation of muscles. Even a local pharmacist suggests a proper medication if we are able to clearly explain the type of pain being experienced. ☛ The best way to release the stress in the muscles is through a regular session of exercises. Stretching and exercise have major benefits. However, people with severe pain in the head are advised to relax completely rather than exercise. ☛ Sleep is a recommended solution for people suffering from headache. However, a prolonged sleep can be a cause of headache as well. Small naps can help relieve the pain to a great extent. ☛ Tension headaches are triggered by inordinate noises. Sometimes, even a pin drop is just enough for raising the pain. A quiet and a relaxing place is what a person suffering from such a pain needs. Relaxation and deep breathing exercises greatly help in reducing the pain. ☛ Bright light from sources, such as television, computer screen, or sun causes eyestrain leading to a severe headache. Physicians advise eye protection and cutting down of constant screen watching. ☛ Excessive intake of caffeine can be harmful for the nervous system. Physicians suggest to cut down on the caffeine intake. ☛ Continuous chewing of gum can cause the muscles of the head to tighten, especially the ones near the jaws. Such a tension in the head muscle causes severe head pain. ☛ A higher salt intake can trigger a migraine. Therefore, limit the intake of salt in order to avoid migraine. ☛ Smoking and drinking are known to slowly damage the nervous system. Malfunctioning of the nervous system can result in many serious diseases with a common symptom, severe ache in the head. Therefore, cut down on drinking and smoking in order to live a long and relaxed life. ☛ Life and problems always go hand in hand, hence they cannot be separated. However, putting ourselves under serious pressure is not the way to tackle the problems of life. Tension easily takes its toll on the body and nervous system. However, to keep the body and mind calm, a little fun and sense of humor can serve the purpose. If you are suffering from headache regularly, it is important that you consult a doctor. Proper eating, drinking, and living habits help in keeping the body and mind calm. Just learn to stay a little relaxed in life in order to keep the problem of headache at bay. Take care! Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is for informative purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.

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