hand strengthening exercises

Hand Strengthening Exercises

Hand strengthening exercises are important to improve the grip and flexibility of our wrists and forearms. The following article provides information about some useful exercises for strengthening the muscles in your hands.

Exercises for Children It is necessary that every child learns proper coordination of hand muscles and develop good motor skills. These exercises ensure proper development of the child. If the child develops fine motor skills, then he can easily do perform activities that involve use of hands like, using scissors, tying laces, holding the pencil properly, using lock and keys, and many more. Moreover, these exercises are a solution to the problem of bad handwriting. Also, these exercises are fun and your child will surely enjoy doing them. Pick the Marbles You will require handful of marbles or pebbles for this exercise. You may use colorful marbles to make the exercise more interesting to the child. Ask the child to pick up a marble with the help of thumb and forefinger of one hand. Then ask him to hold the marble in the palm of the same hand. After this ask the child to pick up next marble with the previous marble still in the hand. Ask him to continue doing this until no more marbles can be placed in the palm. Perform this exercise with both the hands. Touch the Tips This is a very simple hand exercise where the child has to touch the fingertips. Ask him to start by touching the fingertip of thumb with the forefinger, then the middle finger and the thumb, then the ring finger and the thumb, and finally the thumb and the little finger. Then repeat in reverse order. This exercise should be performed for both the hands for at least 8 times. Some more hand exercises for children can be, balancing tennis ball on the racket, placing small rings in the thumb and removing one by one with help of other fingers, and many more. These exercises should be performed at least 4 times in a week. Exercises for Guitar Players Playing guitar requires good strength in your hands, not just to hold the guitar but also for quick finger movements. Strengthening hands is mandatory so that you can play the guitar for longer durations. Performing hand strengthening exercises help to improve the ability to hold and play the guitar for longer time, without getting tired. Given below are some exercises for those who play guitar. Stretching Exercise Stand in an upright position or sit in a chair. Stretch your arms towards your sides such that your palms face the ceiling. Now bend your palms in the downward direction in a comfortable manner. Hold this position for a few seconds. Now, slowly turn your wrists and hold the same position for a few more seconds. Try to bend each finger in the backward and then in forward direction. Hold each of these positions for 30 seconds. Wrist Exercise You will require hand grips to perform this exercise. Use a hand grip with tensile strength you are comfortable with. Hold the hand grip between your palm and fingers and perform 10 to 15 repetitions with each hand. Do not exceed with number of repetitions and stop when you feel fatigue in your wrist. So, these were some useful exercises to strengthen the hands. The hands are some of the most ignored parts while performing any workout, therefore, performing these exercises will have plenty of advantages. Hence, they should be performed regularly.

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