graduation party invitation ideas

Graduation Party Invitation Ideas

A graduation party is one of the most awaited events for those who have reached this very important landmark in their lives. Here are some ideas you can use to make your party invitations as unique as ever.

The graduation day is marked by mixed emotions, the joy of moving on towards a professional life and the sadness of leaving high school/college. Graduation parties are often the highlight of the lives of many youngsters, as these hold memories that a person can cherish forever with friends and family. Whilst planning a this party, one must keep in mind the invitations too. These need to highlight the main aim of the party and should be interesting enough to grab the attention of the reader. This would also depend upon the theme of the party. Here are some graduation party invitation ideas you can use to highlight your message in the best way possible. Invitation Ideas for Graduation Party
  • Ideas for the design: Personalized graduation invitations are the most unique of its kind. You can use your own photograph that would lend it a different touch. If the party is being thrown only for friends, you can add a funky element to the invitations. Use bold and bright colors and add clip art that will suit the occasion. For example, you can add wine glasses and use graffiti for the background. A popular idea is to use the graduation hat as the party invitation itself! There are many places that specialize in crafting such invites. With modern methods, you can get an actual cap made, with the message printed on the flat surface. This is a unique idea, one that would ensure your friends and family would keep this invitation forever! If you have planned a particular theme for the graduation party, you would have to incorporate it in the invitation accordingly. There are many youngsters who love Hawaiian night or a Hollywood party themes. In that case, you must select images and plan the layout of the invitation card accordingly. For those looking out to try something different, you can create a puzzle as the party invitation and let the recipient rack his/her brains to solve it! Although it may turn out to be time-consuming, it sure is an innovative idea. Selection of the font is of utmost importance while planning the design for the invitation. If the layout is formal, you can choose a serif font that looks elegant. For a funky layout, you can opt for a creative font.
  • Ideas for the wording and body copy: The headline for the card has to be catchy enough to grab the attention of the reader. The body copy should give details about the same. You can use a formal approach for the wording. Meaningful and inspirational quotations are also the ideal option. Here are a few options you can use as a guideline:
    1. "Graduation is not the end; it's the beginning." ― Orrin Hatch
    2. With great pride, I (name of the graduate) am proud to announce my Graduation from (name of university). Join me to celebrate my achievement and be a part of my passage at my Commencement Exercises on (Date) at (Time) (Location) RSVP by (Date) to (Parent's Names) on (Telephone Number).
    3. Let's get together and toast the Grads, after four years plus we're more than glad! Accomplishments like this deserve some praise, so to the graduates, our glasses we raise
Remember to include details about the dress code if any, in the card itself. Be creative to make this Graduation party as memorable for your family, friends, and yourself!

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