gorgeous makeup ideas for girls with freckles

7 Gorgeous Makeup Ideas for Girls with Freckles

Women with freckles are always in a dilemma about whether or not they want to hide them behind makeup or embrace the spots as a mark of natural beauty. We, at Buzzle, support the latter argument and urge you to glance at these 7 gorgeous makeup ideas to enhance your beautiful freckles.

Fun in the Sun? Think Again.
As innocent as it may sound, a long day in the sun can make your freckles more prominent. Which is why, you need to load up on high SPF sunscreen and try to stay out of the sun as much as possible.
As kids, a majority of you may not have given much thought to your freckles. However, during your teens, chances are you couldn't help but hate them, and hiding them under a ton of makeup was the best option at the time. We sincerely hope that that phase has passed and instead of covering these so-called kisses from the sun, you have come to see the beauty in them. If inspiration is what you're seeking, there are many models and celebrities who are reevaluating the meaning of beauty. Its definition lies in how we perceive ourselves and can be confident with our skin rather than external appearances. But that doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't wear makeup at all. In fact, keeping the above-mentioned ideology in mind, we would like to discuss 7 gorgeous makeup ideas for girls with freckles.
Without Covering Freckles
As you read through the following suggestions, you will find information on how to wear makeup without covering freckles.
For many proud owners of lightly or heavily dusted freckles, the idea is to not hide them behind cake-like makeup. Frankly speaking, the no-makeup attitude is a trend that many runway models adopt. All you require is a tinted moisturizer that will help even out your skin tone and won't mask the freckles at the same time. You can also conceal redness around the nose and chin area, and under your eyes for the dark circles. Apart from this, you can opt for a mineral foundation powder as well.
Defining your eyes is another way of enhancing the appearance of freckles. Apply a coat or two of your favorite waterproof mascara to bring attention toward the eyes.
Along with mascara, you can also choose to accentuate the lips. This can work quite naturally into your daily makeup routine and won't take a lot of your time in the morning. Plus, you can wash your face anytime of the day and reapply your mascara and lipstick for an instant fresh look.
A bold lip color can go a long way. Regardless of season, this ideal and subtle makeup look is perfect for women who don't really like to put on a lot of makeup during the day. Plus, you can easily transition the look from day to night.
If you're tired of the black or brown eyeliner, you can easily go in for a bolder color like green, purple, silver, gold, or blue. Paired with a complementing lip color, you can become an inspiration for someone else's makeup routine as well.
We can't talk about enhancing your natural beauty and leave out a crucial element now, can we? A light application of blush is the secret to a good day. Whether it's rosy cheeks you prefer or a subtle splash of peach, blush is a woman's best friend.
So, if we're loving the blush, why not take the makeup up a notch and add your favorite lip color to it as well? Just make sure that both are complementing each other and not overpowering either of its existence.
Tips to 'Lightly' Cover Freckles
Although we've only spoken about letting your freckles shine, some women still wish to conceal them from time to time; and there's nothing wrong with that either. But what you should concentrate on is to not go for a cake-like coverage. For a praiseworthy makeup routine, keep these tips in mind, always.
  1. As mentioned earlier, go with either mineral foundations or tinted moisturizers; even a BB or CC cream would do. But if you really wish to hide your freckles, a liquid foundation will be the best choice.
  2. Avoid making the error of matching your makeup to the freckles. Instead, you need to apply foundation that matches with your skin tone, between your freckles, for the makeup to work.
  3. Always apply an illuminating primer before applying foundation as it won't make it look as if it is just sitting on top of your skin. The primer will moisturize your complexion and let the foundation set evenly.
  4. Find a blush and bronzer that will complement one another, and not work as contrasts. This will make contouring appear much more natural without excess build up.
Finding a makeup routine that works specifically for you will take some 'trial and error' time on your part. However, with the tips and suggestions mentioned above for girls with freckles, we hope you leave this page feeling a little bit satisfied and content with them.

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