good pranks to play

Good Pranks to Play

For some, playing pranks is an art, while a few others struggle for ideas to carry out the same. Here is a look at some good pranks that you can play on your near and dear ones.

One does not really need to wait for April Fool's day to play pranks on friends or family. For people like me, any time is the right time to create a few laughs! Right from my days at school, I did not miss an opportunity to create some giggles in class. Of course, it was all harmless fun, and there were times when even I was at the receiving end. In the end, the best prank is when everyone involved has a good hearty laugh, and no one is left mad or hurt in any way. Amazing Pranks Are you looking for some ideas to have fun or even for some revenge? I have some which I shall willingly share with you. Take your pick... Prank #1 You can use this prank idea if you are staying with a friend or at a college dormitory. Empty a shampoo bottle and fill it with baby oil. This prank will work better when your friend is in a hurry to get ready in the morning. Imagine his/her surprise to find an oily substance trickling out from the shampoo bottle while having a shower. Prank #2 Use this idea at the workplace. You might need the help of a few colleagues for this. In the morning, take as many chairs as possible and place them in the cubicle of the concerned person. You can imagine his/her surprise upon finding so many chairs flooding the cubicle in the morning. It sure would cause some irritation but also lead to laughing it off eventually. Prank #3 You can try this out on a friend of yours. Set alarm clocks for different times, at intervals of five minutes each, and place them in different areas of the bedroom. Think about how annoyed your friend would be trying to switch off one alarm clock, only to find another one ringing a few minutes later. This is an ideal prank to play on a friend who is not a morning person. Prank #4 This is a good one to try out on a neighbor. Fill a bucket with water to more than half the mark. Then, place it against your neighbor's door; ensure to keep it leaning against the door. Knock or ring the doorbell and run and hide yourself. When your neighbor opens the door, the water will spill inside. Prank #5 Looking for an annoying idea to take revenge on a friend? Approach this particular friend and tell him that you will give him a few bucks if he lets you squash three tomatoes on his head. When he agrees, squash only two tomatoes and then walk off saying you don't feel like squashing the third, and so you don't really owe him any money. This will surely leave you giggling while it will leave your friend with a messy head, and really angry. This same theory can be used with other props too. Prank #6 Use some shaving cream or ketchup, and squeeze some of it on places such as the handle of a refrigerator or the lower portion of a doorknob. You can imagine the irritation when someone tries to open the refrigerator or the door only to find some gooey stuff on their hands. Prank #7 Having a sleepover with a friend? Wake up early in the morning, get hold of a toothpaste and use the tube to create some patterns on your friend's face. When she wakes up in the morning, your friend will feel confused, as the other members of the house will giggle looking at her face. Only when she sees her face in the mirror will she realize what you've done. Prank #8 This prank is ideal to pull off on your friends or even your sibling, at a restaurant. When your target isn't looking, have some fun with the drink he/she has ordered. Quickly add a spoonful of salt or pepper to the drink, and go back to enjoying your own drink, pretending like nothing ever happened. Have fun watching your victim's expressions as he/she takes a sip. Prank #9 This is a tried and tested idea, and is sure to leave you laughing your head off. Leave a five dollar bill on the floor at home and hide yourself. This trick is all about the right timing. Keep a piece of cloth ready in your hand. When someone tries to bend down and pick up the money, quickly tear the piece of cloth in your hand. Watch your victim panic as he/she checks their pants for any splits. Prank #10 Is your friend or colleague always glued to the phone? Then here's a good idea to have some fun. Borrow their phone on the pretext of sending an urgent text message. Then secretly change the phone settings to a foreign language. Watch your friend or colleague looking confused about what to do. Prank #11 This is known as the sand hole prank. When you are with friends at a beach, and one of your pals is lying down all relaxed on a towel laid out on the sand, wait till he or she gets up to go to the washroom or get a drink. Remove the towel and dig a hole in the sand, and put the towel back in its place, nice and flat. When your friend is back and goes to lie down again, he will go down into the hole, and will take a few seconds to realize what has happened. Prank #12 This is a good prank to play while with friends on a car trip. Take a long potato that is narrow enough to fit into the exhaust pipe of the car. Make a hole in it lengthwise, in such a way that you can shove a whistle into that hole, and it stays put. Now stick this potato into the exhaust. The expressions that your friends have when the car starts up would be just amazing. Use these ideas to add some laughter to your day. However, do remember that it is important to be careful and not hurt anyone while pulling off any trick.

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