federal air marshal salary

Federal Air Marshal Salary

Federal Air Marshal Service of the United States Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, appoint and train well qualified candidates to secure the nation from any hostile acts. Let's take a look at the salary, job description and training period of this job in the following article.

President Kennedy introduced the Air Marshal Program in the year 1963, to provide tight security for the flights. The year 1969 observed a sudden increase in the air piracy, which boosted the number of well-trained federal officers. Today, due to the increasing threats, attacks and especially after the 9/11 attacks, there is a rise in demand for well-trained federal officers. Being a Federal Air Marshal is not an easy task and involves tremendous risk. Life is more uncertain for these officers, as they are even trained to sacrifice themselves to protect the citizens of the nations in any given circumstances. These officers are deployed on the high risk flights of the United States, with a mission to save the passengers from the danger. Federal Marshals go through intensive training to develop their accuracy in using the handgun and even detect and destroy the attackers. During the time of any hostile attacks, these officers have to make the maximum use of their training techniques, must be able to recognize the behavior of the terrorists and use the weapons efficiently. The federal Air Marshals work with law enforcement agencies, which allows them to use and understand their potential. They can also work with other security agencies and during any national events, as citizens are at more risk during such occasions. Further scope for a Federal Air Marshal is, they can work with National Targeting Center, National Counter-terrorism and even FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Forces. There is an intense training program which is divided into two phases. The Law Enforcement Training Center of Mexico, conducts a 7 week course of law enforcement. The candidates under this training are taught constitutional law, behavioral observation, defense techniques, physical fitness and medical assistance. The second phase requires the candidates to put this education in action as they are introduced field projects. Second phase masters their skill of marksmanship, which is essential during their real missions. Putting knowledge into action helps them analyze the real situations and help them act proficiently too. Once the trainee is clear from the intensive training he/she is then appointed to different law enforcement agencies to face the real missions. Eligibility and Job Description With the increasing risks and threats on the flights, demand for federal air marshals too is on the rise. In case your interest lies in detecting suspicious activities and securing the life of your nation's citizens, being a Federal Air Marshal Officer is the right profession for you. All one needs to have, is a high school degree with specializing and securing higher marks in subjects like constitutional law, criminal law and justice. Importance of learning these subjects will help you to become familiar with the law and also make the training easy. Following are the other criteria for being eligible for the post of a Federal Air Marshal.
  • The candidate applying for the post must be a citizen of America.
  • Must be under the age of 40.
  • Color vision should be clear and must be physically fit.
Being an Air Marshal is not an easy job. They need to be attentive and alert all the time during their duty time. Their main objective to detect the hostile acts and erase them without causing any harm to the passengers on the plane. They have to potentially use their communication techniques and mix well with the passengers. Such a technique can help them detect any forms of threats. The Federal Air Marshals have to attend to their duty at any time of the day. It's a job that involves a high risk and challenge. Salary Money as well as challenge are the two factors that attract the youth today to opt for this profession. Generally, salary depends on the experience and the level of education. However, it is also important to remember, higher the education and experience, higher the pay. As per TSA literature, a newcomer Federal Air Marshal will approximately earn a yearly income of $48,000. In case the Air Marshal is more educated and experienced, he/she is likely to earn a pay from $70,000 to $90,000. As the Air Marshals tend to progress in their fields and achieve higher ranks the pay scale too increases. So, if you are looking for a more ambitious and skillful profession, feel free to attempt for the post of Federal Air Marshal. Also a good experience and knowledge will bring a rise in the salary, making you enjoy your job even more.

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