fashion over50

Fashion Over 50

Fashion over 50 can be trendy, classic, formal, casual - it can be anything that the woman can carry off with sophistication and elan. Read on for some interesting fashion advice for women over 50.

Being in your fifties in no way means that you have to now start dressing up like a nun. It also does not mean that you have to break rules with some outrageous piece of women's clothing. Fashion over 50 can be as young as you feel and as predictable or unpredictable as you are. Scroll down for some more tips on fashion which can make any woman look fabulous and gorgeous, despite her age. Tips on Fashion for Women Over 50 Bring Out The Real "You"... When it comes to fashion, there is one simple rule that every woman should follow, no matter what age and that is - Do not wear something just because it is the latest trend or so-and-so celebrity is wearing it. Make your own fashion statement by wearing clothes and accessories that bring out your personality. Highlight "Strengths", Hide "Flaws" Know your body's strengths and flaws and choose dresses which conceal these flaws and highlight the strengths. For example, if a woman has developed wrinkles on her neck, she should go in for neckline styles like turtlenecks or stand up collars or V-necks. However, if she has a heavy chest, she should avoid turtlenecks as they draw more attention to the bosom. For women with large waistlines, wearing dark colors such as black is a good option as dark colors make a woman look thinner than she actually is. Flaunt What You Got... Many experts suggest that older women should not wear revealing clothing. However, there is no hard and fast rule about it. There are many women in their fifties who have toned legs. In fact, legs are one of those body parts which ages much later in comparison to others. So if you have good legs, flaunt them! Go for long, knee-length and even short skirts. However, make sure that they are not too short like "micro minis". Some must-haves are - well-fitting pants with shirt and a scarf to spice up the look, a wrap dress, shirtdresses, car coats, jean jackets and a pair of blue jeans for a casual look. Shape Up... There are many fifty plus women out there who in order to hide their bulging tummies and heavy chests, start wearing loose or baggy clothes. This is a big no. Shapeless plus size clothing will do exactly that i.e. make you look shapeless. So follow the middle path and go in for clothes which are neither too loose nor too tight. Getting your shirts and dresses custom-made from tailors rather than buying ready-made is a good option for women over 50. Of Colors and Prints... Fashion trends for women over 50 say that they should stick to solid colors such as black, white, camel, gray, red and khaki. As far as prints are concerned, bold and classic such as checks, hounds, stripes and argyle would suit them the best. Subtlety is the Key... Fashion for women over 50 should be classy and subtle. So give up on flashy jewelry or flashy accessories in clothes such as gold buttons. Even while doing makeup go in for understated colors for lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polish and blush. The more natural look you create with your makeup, the more sophisticated you will look. As you can see, fashion over 50 need not be boring at all. A woman any age can look sexy and sophisticated, provided she knows her body and her mind well!

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