famous people with intrapersonal intelligence

8 Famous People with Intrapersonal Intelligence

There are people who are invested with perspicacity which helps them in understanding and analyzing people around them. Then, there are others who are acutely aware of themselves which helps them in predicting their own reactions and exploring themselves to effectuate their goals. Know some famous people who were blessed with the latter i,e. intrapersonal intelligence in this Buzzle article.

Despite being a prodigious philosopher, Socrates became a victim of his self-reflection and novel perspective toward life. His unconventional reasoning and beliefs did not dovetail with the ones held by the Athenian society and politics which eventuated in his death.
Intrapersonal intelligence as proposed by Howard Gardner can be understood as a modality that is concerned with a person's adeptness in assessing his strengths and weakness, profound perception of oneself, and cognizance of one's moods and reactions. In an age, where a person's intelligence is estimated using narrow and conventional set of parameters and which are invariably associated with his or her academic or professional success, Gardner's theory of intelligence recognizes distinct areas of behavior that represent specific intelligence. There are typical and definitive attributes exhibited by people with intrapersonal intelligence, which are intuitiveness, introversion, self-awareness, and individualism. The following list presents world's famous people who by virtue of their intrapersonal intelligence paved way for their success and helped millions with their benevolent deeds.
1. Mahatma Gandhi
A revolutionary leader and creator of the now universally acclaimed concept of civil disobedience movement, Mahatma Gandhi is an exemplar of intrapersonal intelligence. All his life he believed in the philosophy of non-violence, which he religiously adhered to and insisted others to follow in attainment of the greater goal of independence.
2. Helen Keller
Celebrated American author, educator, and humanitarian, Helen Keller was a woman of phenomenal strength and indissoluble spirit. Despite being blind and deaf, she never felt enfeebled by her disability and went on to become world's one of the most influential speakers and authors who enlivened and inspired millions through her work across the globe.
3. Eleanor Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt's clout as a politician and her espousal to humanitarian causes (a trait that's powerfully linked with intrapersonal intelligence) are widely known. An outspoken politician, Roosevelt was deemed controversial for her leadership role in the civil rights movement. She was the first presidential spouse who used mass media to address issues on women's rights and human rights.
4. Anne Frank
Anne Frank evinced one of the peculiar traits of intrapersonal intelligence - she had the habit of putting her thoughts in a diary, which is intrinsically linked to the attribute of self-reflection. Frank's diary, which was published posthumously as a book are personal accounts of wishes and faith when things showed no semblance of hope (the time she spent in German camp).
5. Joan of Arc
A military leader, Joan of Arc is reckoned as the heroine of France who through her intuitive and divine guidance helped the French troops lift the siege of Orléans from the English. Her heroic achievements can be ascribed to her intrapersonal skills, which included immense belief in self and self awareness that led her to defeat seemingly mighty forces.
6. Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa's efficacious intrapersonal skills led her to become a caring and selfless teacher. It is only when a person is well conversant with his innermost feelings that he can set goals for him and follow it with unwavering faith and that is exactly why Mother Teresa could serve all her life for the needy, poor, and unwanted with empathy and compassion.
7. Socrates
Socrates defines intrapersonal intelligence. His distinctive style of thinking emanated from his ability to delve into profoundness of his feelings and communicate the same with ease. He had penchant for analyzing theories and ideas for which he became a universally revered philosopher and is considered as one of the prime figures in shaping the Western Philosophy.
8. Sigmund Freud
The father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud's contribution in the field of human psychology is extraordinary and remains unrivaled till today. His skill at comprehending human traits, personality, and the internal mechanism of a person's mind were all the endowments of his highly developed intrapersonal intelligence.
Intrapersonal intelligence can be developed like other skills by meditation, writing down your thoughts, dreams, and goals in a diary, analyzing your dreams as well as keeping company of people who have strong sense of themselves.

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