designing a virtual house build a virtual dream house

Designing a Virtual House - Build a Virtual Dream House

Building a virtual dream house is possible with the help of software specially meant for designing a house. These software allow to design the house in a step-by-step manner. If one is planning to build a real house on the basis of designs prepared using software, it is necessary to consult an expert beforehand.

The activity of designing a virtual house can be used for actually building a house or just for the sake of fun. If one is seriously thinking about preparing blueprints for his future house with the help of available software, he should first consult a contractor or an architect to discuss the plan. Some people prefer consulting a home builder whenever they take up construction activity. Any of the above options can be chosen as per the user's convenience and specific needs. Build a Virtual Dream House Most of today's designing activities take place with the help of computers. The virtual world provides ample tools and methods for customizing designs and plans. This kind of virtual designing provides an idea of how the house would look like; changes and modifications in the design can be made instantly, if the need arises. Interior designing can be best carried out with the help of software. There are many such 'virtual' services and facilities available in the market, including virtual private network and even virtual pets. Along with automotive designing, architects too are opting to designing their plans virtually. The different software like 3D Home Architect provide tools necessary to design a house. Software like these are user-friendly and allow in carrying out the process of designing in a desired manner. Using the 3D Home Architect Software The 3D Home Architect software is available online. One can download it by visiting the respective website and clicking on the 'Download Now' button. The software provides a proper interface and necessary tools for the purpose of designing. To create a virtual house, select the 'File' option followed by 'New'. One can add walls by clicking on the relevant icon present on the screen. This icon can be dragged on to the workspace for designing. After the designing of exterior walls is over, interior walls should then be designed. Various other utilities can also be added while designing the house virtually. The user is presented with options for 'composition' and 'pitch' while designing the roof. Appropriate values for these options should be selected to prepare a suitable design for the house. Designing With the Help of 'Hexagon' The interface provided by software, Hexagon, is known as the Universal Manipulator. Among the tabs present on screen, one should select the 'cube' and drag it on to the interface. In order to scale the cube, a 'green cube' from among the tabs should be used. Different tools such as the 'Slice Tessellation', 'Edge' and 'Extrude Surface' can be used to carry out different tasks in the process of designing. Many paint manufacturing companies provide users or customers with tools for designing a house. For the time being let us understand how to build a virtual house for fun, through the following paragraph. Creating a Virtual House for Fun Creating a virtual house is a trend fast catching up. There are different websites offering services where one can live a virtual life, similar to our real one. Computer games like 'Second Life' or 'The Sims' facilitate designing of houses in these virtual worlds. 'The Sims' provides users with easy-to-use tools for designing a house. One can also attend different workshops that teach the principles of designing and architecture. Frank Lloyd Preservation Trust organizes workshops for the same. The Architect Studio 3D software is generally used in such workshops. The above instructions come in handy when you have to build a virtual dream house. Following the instructions properly would enable in designing a virtual house that caters to your needs or can just be used for fun.

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